Tuesday, May 11, 2010

35 weeks down, 5 weeks to go

5 weeks to go! Saying it is like music to my ears. In just 5 weeks, I will get to meet my son. I'm so excited, I could scream.

I don't know when exactly nesting begins, but I spent the entire weekend cleaning and I still don't feel the place is clean enough. I also packed my hospital bag. My hospital bag is actually the duffel bag that my daughter uses when she spends the weekends at her dad's house. She was not happy about me borrowing it and she was even more upset when I told her why exactly I needed to use her duffel bag. She hasn't been thrilled about this whole being a big sister thing. It has gotten better, but she still has her moments. I had her help me put together the stroller and car seat as well as the pack and play. She enjoyed being my helper.

I have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow morning. I'm nervous, but excited to get a peek at my boy again. Nervous because this pregnancy has been so complicated. It truly has been one thing after another and it's a miracle I've made it to 35 weeks. I've never given up hope that things would work out well, so I'm not going to start doubting now, but the nerves are still there.

I'll tell you what I'm not excited about. I'm not excited about having to be there at 8:30. 8:30AM! I think it's a bit cruel to ask a pregnant woman almost ready to give birth to be up and functioning that early. I rely on public transit and that's torturous enough. I propose that in the last few weeks of pregnancy all providers make house calls.


Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

Following your awesome blog from MBC! Feel free to follow me back at

Have a great day!

BabbleOnMom said... [Reply to comment]


Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog as well :)

Nicki Woo said... [Reply to comment]

SUCH A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED BLOG!!! All caps 'cause I'm yelling in elation. I apologize. Seriously, i love the color orange. Your blog just makes me happy. I love reading about your progress. Keep up the good work.
Your little girl will be the best big sis. Trust me, i'm a mama to 4 little girls, 3 of which are the best mama hens around.

BabbleOnMom said... [Reply to comment]

@Nicki Woo

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I like the color orange, too. It's bright, vivid and it makes me happy :)

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