Tuesday, June 8, 2010

39 weeks down, 1 week to go

I really don't feel like writing today. I'm uncomfortable. My hands and feet are swollen. I'm grumpy. I have a long list of complaints. However, the fact that I'm alive and well and only 7 days away from my estimated due date makes me feel good and there's really no good reason for me to skip out on writing a quick entry commemorating this milestone.

I'm preoccupied these days. I am worrying constantly about labor, imagining how it's going to be this time around. I wonder if baby will be healthy. I worry and wonder and I'm pretty much driving myself crazy. I keep my mind and hands busy by cleaning. I guess I'm nesting. My mom must be nesting, too, because right after I clean something, she'll clean it again. As if I didn't do a good enough job or something. I don't mind. I think it's funny and it's comforting to me on some level that she's just as insane as I am right now.

In other news, I have 3 things to review and giveaways in the works, but I'm so exhausted these days that I probably won't get around to doing any of this until after I have the baby. I'm also getting a blog makeover! I'm really excited about that.

So much to look forward to. I need to remember to breathe and know that everything is going to be just fine. The problem is that my memory isn't the best.



Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Relax! I can say that since I've had 7 babies! Following you now...can't wait to hear about and hopefully see the new baby. Congratulations!
(found you on Simply Follow..I'm at www.thestilishfamilytable.blogspot.com

BabbleOnMom said... [Reply to comment]


Thanks, Julie!

Wow, 7 babies?!?! You are my shero!!

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